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Brief History

I started coding with Amiga BASIC when I was about twelve. It kinda sucked and I dreamed about C programming until I finally got a PC two years later.

I soon started doing graphics programming in hopes of writing great games. None of the projects fully realized, but in the side I wrote a game programming tutorial called "Laaman tie DJGPP-peliohjelmointiin", which was quite popular in mid-nineties among aspiring Finnish game coders.

Bad Karma

Quite soon after picking up graphics coding, I started to do PC demos with a few of my friends. Our demogroup was called Bad Karma and we did quite a few demos between 1997 and 2001. They are still available, if you have suitable hardware or DosBox to run them.

Web coding

In the late 90s, I worked a few summers in Jyväskylä university's branch in Kokkola, and had the first contact to web programming with Perl and CGI.pm. Since that, I've done web coding with Perl, Ruby, and nowadays mainly PHP. I've also tried Python and Java. Since AJAX came around, you can do much more with web pages, and the time required to produce meaningful results is a lot shorter than when doing full desktop applications.

Nowadays I still do own projects and occasional freelance work. Here are some sites that I've either completely built myself or helped to develop:


I started a new hobby in spring 2011, when a friend of mine suggested I could use AVR microcontrollers to implement a go game clock. I was sold from the very beginning, and have been increasing my knowledge on electronics since then.

I write a fairly popular blog (around 10 000 visitors a month) Code and Life about my efforts in that field.